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5 Ways to Find Inspiration for your Art

5 Ways to Find Inspiration for your Art


Getting recognized as an artist, musician, filmmaker, etc. depends on many factors — not all of which have to do with your art itself. For example, self-promotion, likability, and a little bit of luck all go a long way!

But regardless of what type of art you make or what type of strategy you use to get your name out there, your work is the foundation for your success. Even though outside factors do play an important role, the first step in your career is to produce. And in order to do this, inspiration is key. Here are a few tips that can help you find the inspiration you need:

  • Experience. Going to a museum, listening to your favorite album, reading a novel, etc. are all great ways of finding inspiration through the work of others.
  • Collaborate. Working with another person can help keep you more motivated and focused, while also helping you to explore themes and styles that you might not have otherwise been interested in.
  • Share. Many artists — even great ones — feel self-conscious about their work and tend to keep completed songs, films, paintings, etc. hidden away. But sharing your work is key to furthering your career. And it can provide an inspiring confidence booster, to boot!
  • Go Live. In-person events can be really inspiring because they offer instantaneous feedback. Such events tend to be easily available for musicians — but filmmakers can also seek out local festivals and even streaming options.
  • Get to Work. One of the most frequently-quoted phrases in American history: genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If you lack the inspiration you need, then try following in the footsteps of Thomas Edison and going for it anyway!

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