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6 Tips Every Band Should Follow for a Killer Live Set

One of the most challenging (yet ultimately rewarding) aspects of being in a band is that you must play many distinct roles. Practicing and rehearsing requires a different skill set than recording music, which requires a different skill set than promoting your music, which requires a different skill set than performing live on stage. In order to be successful, however, musicians must learn how to thrive in each of these unique environments. Here are 6 tips for live performances.

  1. Great set happen long before you take the stage. This should go without saying, but if you truly wish to succeed onstage, the secret is to practice alone and rehearse with the band for hours and hours before ever even booking a show.
  2. Fashion matters. Some bands wear full costumes, others wear wacky clothes that they would never wear on the street. Others dress like they are ready for a day in the office–and others dress like complete slobs! Whatever you may choose, it is definitely worth thinking about–after all, you are a performer, and the way you present yourself does matter.
  3. Don’t skip that sound check. This can be tempting when you are strapped for time, but it can really affect the quality of a show.
  4. Be confident. The audience can tell when you’re not–and this will hurt your credibility. As Kurt Vonnegut said–we are who we pretend to be. Speaking of which…
  5. Be you…except for when you’re being someone else! You may find it helpful to put on an original persona when performing: this may allow you to be more entertaining onstage while truly “becoming” the music.
  6. Work together. It is important that the whole band be on the same page throughout the entire show: if the band seems out of sync, nothing will go well!

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