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The Importance of Copyrights and Trademarks for Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and remember in the first weeks, months and years of running your business, that it is sometimes easy to overlook the most essential steps. One of these often forgotten but extremely important steps is to copyright and trademark anything in your business that could potentially be taken by other companies. This list includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Name of your business
  • Your logo
  • Your products
  • The method used to make your products
  • Phrases or mottos
  • Articles, books, other writings

So why do I need to copyright/trademark these things?

The most important reason to copyright or trademark any aspect of your business is that if it is not copyrighted, other businesses or individuals can legally take it and use it. This means any hard work you put into designing a logo, writing a motto, designing your product or marketing yourself in any other way could easily be stolen by another company and used without repercussions. The only way to legally protect your designs is to copyright them.

What are the benefits of having a unique, patented or trademarked logo/product?

Having a name, motto, or product that is uniquely yours, and can be found nowhere else, gives you a big foot up in the game of marketing and branding. Customers will more easily recognize your brand if it is truly unique, and will be compelled to come to your exact store to get the products they want. Furthermore, having a trademarked original brand name can increase both customer and employee loyalty.

How can I get my business patented/trademarked?

RightsIn helps other businesses and individuals copyright their ideas, writings, products, and more! Visit our website today to learn what we can do for you.