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2016 Was the Biggest Year For The Music Industry in Nearly a Decade Thanks to The World Wide Web

2016 Was the Biggest Year For The Music Industry in Nearly a Decade Thanks to The World Wide Web


If you have attended a movie theatre at any point during the last decade or two, then you have probably heard the now-famous refrain you wouldn’t download a car. These widely-shown commercials implore audiences to recognize that piracy means stealing the creative work of another person, and warn that illegally downloading movies could have negative legal consequences.

However, even though movie piracy is in itself a multi-million dollar industry, Hollywood and its independent counterparts have not faced the same existential threat that the music industry stares down every day. Combined revenues for the industry are a mere fraction of what they were decades ago, due in large part to piracy, illegal streaming, and the general accessibility of music. Even though the music industry and law enforcement alike have attempted to crack down on music piracy, the truth of the matter is that the internet has simply changed the game — it is a simple fact that the music industry will never be able to use the same strategies it once employed.

Paradoxically, however, the internet has opened up many new possibilities for artists. Even in the face of massive losses for the music industry, a new brand of hope has blossomed. Artists now have a direct form of communicating with their fans and followers that never existed before. And the rise of a new generation of internet phenomenons has demonstrated that the world wide web has evened the playing field in a certain sense, allowing anyone with good music and strong marketing skills to get the attention they deserve, with or without the support of major recording labels.

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