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How Do Bands Get Famous?

How Do Bands Get Famous?


You put in lots of hard work to make your band sound great — it only makes sense that you want a bit of money and recognition in return. Unfortunately, getting attention in the music industry is difficult, and even those who do everything right don’t always catch the lucky breaks they need. However, understanding the processes that help get bands noticed can help you build your audience and improve your chances of “making it big time.” Here are a few of the most common routes to fame that top 40 musicians take.

  • Community of Musicians. If you enjoy reading about the lives and careers of musicians, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them are friends with other important people in the industry. This isn’t a coincidence. Musicians tend to form very tight-knit communities and to collaborate, co-tour, and lend helping hands between each other. Building as many connections in the industry as possible is always a good idea, even if that just means getting to know everyone else in your local scene for now.
  • Other Ties to Fame. A disproportionate amount of successful musicians also have other connections to wealth and fame outside of the music industry. This has helped them land the big gigs at events and in movies and television that they needed to gain an initial audience.
  • Hitting The Road. Assuming you don’t have any 5 star connections who will fast track you to fame, then the best thing you can do is hit the road and play as many shows as possible. This will help you build a grassroots following while also increasing your odds of forming important connections with bands, producers, record labels, etc.
  • Self-Promotion. Thanks to the rise of the internet, promoting your band is now easier than ever before, and touring is not the only way to amass a large following. Promoting, sharing, and selling your music through the world wide web is the newest and most powerful path to success, and it is a strategy that every serious band out there should be employing.

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