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How to Build a Career Ghostwriting Music

How to Build a Career Ghostwriting Music


Great music is created and shared through a convergence of talents. From sound control to stage management to recording to performance and more — it is obvious that truly professional acts are never the product of just one person. And many musicians, busy with recording, touring, securing contracts, etc are quick to search for songwriting help.

Getting paid to write music is a dream career for many people, and the opportunities are certainly out there, but breaking into the industry and establishing yourself professionally are things easier dreamed than done. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful if you are looking to build a career as a musical ghost writer.

• Network. Working as a songwriter rather than as a performer might sound rather solitary, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are going to be successful as a songwriter, you need to get out there and make as many contacts as possible, and this means attending shows and forging relationships in many musical communities. Of course, building relationships online through forums and social media is also a good idea, but there’s no replacement for real face to face contact.

• Practice. Write often, and challenge yourself to push creative boundaries and get better with each and every song. Work consistently to learn more instruments and to get better at those instruments. And try to master a few popular digital music programs as well. Being a talented, well-rounded musician is a must if you want to gain the attention you deserve.

• Collaborate. Collaboration is basically networking and practice rolled into one super-rewarding activity, so its importance should go without saying.

• Invest in Equipment. Selling a ghostwritten song generally requires a high quality recording if you’re going to convince anyone, so investing in good instruments and a workable home studio are both good ideas.

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