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Can Indie Film Really Turn A Profit?

Can Indie Film Really Turn A Profit?


The average budget of a Hollywood film is approximately 100 million dollars. And about 35 percent of that goes into marketing. With these incredible budgets — not to mention the professional crews, star actors, cutting-edge special effects, it’s no wonder why many indie filmmakers wonder if they can even compete.

But the truth is the independent movies are experiencing a special renaissance in the 21st century. Some indie have even achieved the same level of financial success and worldwide recognition as Hollywood films on a fraction of the budget. And countless others have attained small but significant followings that allowed their producers to cover costs and invest in new projects.

Here are a few of the most important reasons why indie films can still be successful in today’s world.

Distribution. Once considered to be an expensive and prohibitive factor, distribution is now incredibly easy due to the world wide web. And even though this is sometimes discussed in a negative light due to the prevalence of piracy, it is also a great equalizer in the industry.

Technology. Not only has tech gotten considerably better in the 21st century — it has also become considerably cheaper. Even small indie film operations can now afford excellent equipment — and this has helped improve their quality and their appeal.

Marketing. Back when marketing relied mainly on expensive television and radio spots, getting the word out about your new film was a challenging endeavor that would require an enormous investment of capital. Social media — and the internet in general — have changed this forever.

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