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Get Your Company Noticed In the Online World

Get Your Company Noticed In the Online World


Marketing can be a really challenge for small businesses, who oftentimes face what seems like an uphill battle to win enough recognition to compete with well-established national or international brands. The internet age has given small businesses a new and powerful tool in this battle. After all, small companies being able to use free marketing platforms such as social media accounts, and affordable platforms such as targeted ads and company websites has helped even the playing field to some extent.

Nonetheless, the vastness of the internet poses challenges of its own. With so many options available in the online world, organizations must really make an effort in order to stand out. Here are a few useful marketing tips that can help spur your organization to success.

  • Identify and implement the most important social networks. Many companies waste time, effort, and money building up profiles in too many social media networks. By identifying and selecting the ones your target audience really uses, you will make your effort more effective and efficient.
  • Create content. Be original. Create and share new content that is genuinely informative, entertaining, and well put together and you will garner the attention you need on your own merit. (Protip: a great song or video clip can really tie a piece together!
  • Seek referrals. Always ask for referrals, and always give referrals whenever relevant. The online world really is a community, and being an active member of that community will help get you where you want to go.
  • Offer your product/service to online influencers. Many influential people in the online world accept free products or services in exchange for a review: just be sure to perform!
  • Advertise. A wisely targeted search engine or social media ad can get you in touch with exactly the people you are looking for.

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