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Improving Your Art

Art is a labor of love. Your blood, sweat, and tears go into your craft, but you still worry that you’re not improving. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in feeling this way. All artists–from musicians, to filmmakers, to writers, etc.–wrestle with how to improve their work. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

Practice makes perfect

Of course you’ve heard this before, but only because it is so true. There is no better way to improve your art than to practice. Whether that means playing your songs over and over again, writing a new story everyday to keep the juices flowing, or filming your life as you live it, do it. No one becomes good at what they do by sitting around and wishing that they were better.

Don’t be too critical

One of the greatest struggles every artist faces is being too self-critical. We compare ourselves to our fellow artists, and beat ourselves down for not being as talented as them. However, what many artists don’t realize is that you can use your natural inclination for comparing yourself to others to your advantage. Being an artist means constantly honing your craft, so don’t let a bump in the road get the best of you.

Be open to improvement

Instead of beating yourself down, ask yourself what you can do to be better. Then, you can make a plan for how to improve. It sometimes helps to get a second opinion. However, it is important not to go in the opposite direction of total self-doubt and believe that you have no room to improve at all. There is always something that can be tweaked in order to make your work more of a masterpiece.

Get paid for your work

Getting paid to do what you love is the dream for most artists, but you won’t be paid for your work unless you demand that others respect you and your art. Only then will you be able to invest in improving your work so that you can produce a better product for your clients, and achieve the level of skill you’ve always desired. Finding the right market for one’s books, films, and music used to be one of the main challenges of being an artist–but seeks to change that by providing a unique marketplace. Visit us online today to learn more.