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Video Production Equipment Basics

Video Production Equipment Basics


Do you have an idea for a film that you wish to turn into reality? Here at, we can help you to promote your final product and maybe even turn a profit. But of course, before you arrive to that point, there is a lot of hard work to be done.

Because the cost of producing a quality video has fallen so greatly in recent years, more and more people are breaking into the industry. If you are interested in producing a video of your own, you will need to invest in some equipment. Here is a basic list of the most important necessities for any filmmaker.

  • Video Camera. This is the most obvious piece of equipment to buy — but exactly which camera to buy is far from obvious. The truth is that every filmmaker’s needs and goals are bound to vary, so there are no universal answers. This Lifewire video camera buyer’s guide can help you get a better idea of what exactly you’re looking for.
  • Tripod. Stable shots look infinitely more professional, which is why a tripod is an important and easily justified expense.
  • 3 Point Lighting Kit. A few simple lighting tools will allow you to control the mood of a shot perfectly — while the lack thereof can leave some indoor shots difficult to even see. A light reflector isn’t quite as necessary as the lights and stands themselves; however, it represents a relatively small expense and can come in quite handy.
  • Audio Solutions. Video cameras just don’t capture high quality sound. This is why you are going to need to think about how you wish to go about recording audio. Wireless mics, boom mics, and shotgun mics are all viable options with different  strengths and weaknesses — eventually you may wish to invest in all of these tools, but choosing one to start out will give you the basic capacity you need to begin filming.
  • Memory Cards and External Hard Drive. Storing (and backing up) your audio and video work should be made as effortless as possible, so be sure to invest in a few memory cards and an external hard drive.

Happy filming, and be sure to protect and promote your intellectual property with Rightsin!