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Online Promotion 101

Online Promotion 101


As far too many musicians, writers, graphic artists, and filmmakers have learned the hard way, success in artistic fields isn’t always just about talent. In fact, business skills matter just as much as art — and if you hope to be successful, you should better learn how to market and sell your work!

In today’s world, online promotion is one of the most important aspects of marketing — and this trend will only increase in growing years as the importance of technology grows. This has created a wealth of opportunities for artists who know how to use online marketing to their advantage. Even as the music industry itself has struggled, for example, countless musicians have launched successful careers through YouTube, social media, and online sharing.

If you hope to follow in the footsteps of the many musicians, filmmakers, and artists who have launched careers using the internet, then these online promotion tips may be able to help.

• Utilize Social Media. If you want to gain new fans, the best way to do that is probably through social media. Both organic (unpaid) content and paid advertising can be extremely effective in garnering attention — and either way, social media is a great way of showing off what makes you unique both as a person and as an artist.

• Offer examples of your work. Many authors and artists are tempted to restrict access to their work in an attempt to increase its value, but recent history has shown time and time again this is simply not the most effective strategy. To quote the old adage: all attention is good attention!

• Join the Online Marketplace. The web can be more than just a marketing tool — it can also be a place to connect directly with other creatives who are interested in paying you for your work. Visit online today to learn more.