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Intellectual Property and Music


It is no secret that the internet has changed the music industry forever. Today’s artists, whether they be world-famous musicians or local upstarts, are living in a completely different world than the one that existed even twenty years ago. Musicians who refused to change their financial model with the times usually faced severe difficulties. That is not to say that modern changes are necessarily a bad thing: they bring unique benefits and obvious downsides. The important thing is learning to adapt.

Pros and Cons of internet influence on the music industry:

One important step you can take in order to better understand the evolution of the music industry is by considering the ways that the internet has altered it. Though this list is far from complete (these changes have had sweeping effects that may not be completely understood for decades,) it does cover a few of the most important topics.

The Pros:

  • It is easier for musicians to share music with their fans.
  • It is easier for fans to share music with each other.
  • Musicians do not need to rely on record labels for promotion; thus offering more creative and (potentially) financial freedom.

The Cons

  • Music is now easier to steal.
  • By extension, “free” music has now become the norm.; thus undercutting what was once a huge source of income.

The Most Important Fact About The Internet Age and The Music Industry:

The most important takeaway from this article? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these changes are here to stay! For better or for worse, the world has been forever changed by the internet, and there’s no point obsessing over the “good old days.” In order to find success, it is necessary to change with the times and take advantage of the “pros” while finding solutions to the “cons.”  Here at Rights2 we have been helping our clients achieve that goal for a long time, with over 50 years combined experience in the entertainment industry. Now, along with the renowned online commerce company Dinpay, we are starting a new service called RightsIn that will allow musicians, authors, filmmakers, and other creative people make a living off their work. Check it out for yourself to learn more!