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5 Tips for Successfully Filming a Live Event

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5 Tips for Successfully Filming a Live Event

Filming a live event presents a number of challenges–most of which can be overcome (if not avoided entirely) through planning and preparation. Here are 5 tips that every filmmaker should keep in mind.

  1. Get a schedule and a map as early as possible. The organizers of the event should be able to supply you with all of this valuable information that will make planning your shoot far easier. Additionally, it can be quite helpful to visit the location in advance when possible.
  2. Make a shot list. Depending on what type of event you will be filming, you may be able to anticipate a few of the most important moments, thus enabling you to be extra-prepared when those must-have shots arrive. If this is the case, making a list to help organize the day can be a superb investment of time.
  3. Make an equipment list. This should include every little thing that you will need–in addition to every little thing that you might need. Remember that it is never a bad idea to bring extra everything, as an equipment mishap during a live event can really damage the final product.
  4. Dress to impress. Though it might seem like a trivial detail, this will mean a lot to the people who have hired you or given you permission to film.
  5. Plan for the Unexpected. It is a basic rule of live events: something, at some point, will go wrong. The secret to making a great film is not avoiding mistakes, it is simply reacting to them in a level-headed, professional way.

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