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7 Steps To Take When Preparing For a Tour

7 Steps To Take When Preparing For a Tour


Getting ready to go on tour is one of the most exciting times in any band’s career. But it is also a very busy time. So get a couple of coffee, a notepad, and a pencil, cause it’s time to make a to-do list!

  1. Prepare a publicity kit. Organize a few live and studio recordings, a bit of artwork, and any other impressive material your band has into a concise folder that can be shared easily with booking agents and venues. This will make you look far more professional, and help you line up the shows that your band deserves.
  2. Reach out to other bands. Booking agents aren’t the only people you should be speaking with. Getting in touch with other bands, especially bands that you yourself enjoy listening to, is a great way of forming connections and scoring shows in front of audiences who have a high probability of enjoying your music.
  3. Lineup shows as early as possible. Seriously. The longer you have your shows set up, the more time you have to promote, and the more confident you will be that no unexpected circumstances are going to arise.
  4. Get your merch and CDs ready. Selling merchandise and CDs is an important source of income, and an even more important way of promoting your band. Make sure you have all of this ready long before you begin loading up the van.
  5. Crunch numbers and save money. Have a general idea of what your financial situation will look like, and put yourself in the best financial position possible in order to ensure that the tour doesn’t experience any hiccups.
  6. Practice. Don’t get so caught up in the planning that you forget to put on a great show!
  7. Promote. Sure, one of the reasons you’re going on to or is to promote your band. However, it is even more important to promote your band before heading out. if not, you could find yourself playing to an empty room!

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