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The Art of Video Editing


Making a successful video is about more than just the acting, the directing, or even the promotion — a good video requires good editing. Although video editing may seem like a simple chore to be done after all the real work is complete, this perception couldn’t be farther from reality. The way in which a video is editing will have a profound impact on the way that it is viewed by the audience, which is why smart editing techniques are a must. Here are three factors that truly matter when it comes to effective video editing.

1. Use Cuts Wisely. Each and every cut that you choose to make should mean something. An up-close shot of a character’s face, for example, may be an invitation to the audience to consider that character´s emotions. Or it may signify that the protagonist is now questioning that character´s motivations. But it should certainly not be done simply for the sake of filling space or creating a transition. Cuts are your chance to editorialize and help guide the audience to the right assumptions, so be sure to capitalize on this opportunity.
2. Make The Music Matter. The music that you chose to accompany each moment will have a profound effect on how audiences perceive your film. Music has the power to provoke emotion, warn of danger, or even make an otherwise sad scene funny — chose carefully and you will not regret it!
3. Experiment. One of the greatest challenges in editing film is that there aren’t exactly any right or wrong answers. The only way to find the edit that works for you is to keep trying new combinations of cuts, new music, new touch ups, ect. Until you find the shot that makes you truly proud! is a valuable resource for filmmakers everywhere, as it allows you to purchase the rights to the music you need to perfect your videos. Visit us online today to learn more.