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R2 – Advance IP Rights Sales Planning and Management Solution for Today and Beyond
  • This app is one-stop-shop for IP holders to manage rights, plan & manage sales and globally.r22
  • Our platform is able to handle all types of IP including Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, written works, Artwork / Photographs / Gifs, Audio Files, Music, Video Files (Music Videos, Short-films, TV Shows, Movies), even AR & VR.
  • Whether it’s to service individual users with a web portal or larger content owners via API calls to legacy systems, R2 lets you monetize your IP to the max.



r23Product features include:

  • Manage an unlimited amount of any type of digital content or media.
  • Manage rights across your choice of multiple territories geographies or all of them.
  • Built in intelligence to cover all types of multi-level rights restrictions & licensing
  • Total control of windows you offer
  • On-demand performance reporting & analytics of your portfolio,

Key Benefits:

  • One-stop shop to manage all your digital IP and know your revenue potential.
  • Maximize revenue potential of your IP domestically & internationally by leveraging access to key sales channels 24/7.
  • On-Demand Library Valuation – Revenue / Profitability projection.