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R2M – Rights On Demand Marketplace, Bringing the Buyers and Sellers together Globally 24/7

  • Rights On Demand (ROD) is the largest, most robust Intellectual Property database for rights exploitation, sales and clearance in THE WORLD.
  • Buy rights clearances for Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Written Works, Artwork / Photographs / Gifs, Audio Files, Music, Video Files (Music Videos, Short- films, TV Shows, Movies), even AR & VR.
  • ROD effortlessly connects interested parties to securely buy digital IP rights in real time globally. To see what IP Rights are available for sale, Visit

Product features include:

  • Instant on-demand search of rights
  • Built in intelligence to cover all types of multi-level rights restrictions & licensing
  • Access any type of digital media in any territory or geography
  • Automated management of contract & delivery decision between buyer & seller

Key Benefits:

  • Real Time rights clearance globally
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Our technology protects the buyer & seller
  • Flexible enough for any media or IP business